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Array Map in Javascript

Array Map can be used to create a new array by calling a function on each element on a another array using .map() method. This is done declaratively alternate to...

Early return for more readability

By returning early from a method, we can reduce the nested conditions and make code more readable.

Pattern Matching and Array Destructuring - Functional Programming

Pattern matching is a powerful concept used with Functional Programing. It is actually a mechanism for checking a value against a pattern. A successful match can also deconstruct a value...

Using Safe Navigation while navigating chained objects

In object-oriented programming, the safe navigation operator (also known as optional chaining operator, safe call operator, null-conditional operator, null-propagation operator) is a binary operator that usually returns null if its...

Setup Wifi Access Point and Share Internet on Ubuntu/Debian

Sharing a simple and reliable way to setup a wifi access point with shared internet connectivity using hostpad.